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Changes often force us to adapt in ways we’ve never experienced, which can be a major driver of personal (and even professional) growth and development.

Enhancement Request Form

NOTE: The Canvas Support Team has integrate PolyLearn-Moodle plugins (iClicker, LockDown Browser, Zoom, OneDrive, Google Drive, and TurnItIn) and is now working on additional plugins for Canvas.

Until then, you may find that the SCORM tool will allow you to connect your tool now.

You can request that Instructure add features to Canvas. This would be tool sets that Canvas doesn't have, for example a graded survey option in the New Quiz tool. This is not a 3rd Party Tool or LTI's like the ones listed above.

The Canvas Support Team is dedicated to maintaining a secure and stable environment that reflects current updates, patches, and upgrades.

Instructure preforms monthly updates/upgrades/patches on the second Saturday.  Release notes are available online

All plugins must adhere to the security, release, and privacy standards in order to be included in the Canvas environment; they should also be mature and under active development. Campus implemented plugins should provide benefit and functionality to the majority of Canvas instructors and students.

Enhancement requests are reviewed by the Canvas Support Team, which consists of Instructional Designers, Instructors, Application Administrators and Programmers. Requests will be reviewed and evaluated during the established quarterly planning cycles, and requests that are approved will be scheduled for implementation depending on the resources available. Please fill out the request form below to submit your request.

Current Requests

The Canvas Enhancement Request: List One |List Two is provided to share the current requests and their status.

Completed Enhancements

Akindi for CSM, Flipgrid,  Screencast-O-Matic, Portfolium Assessment for Honors/Journalism, Office 365, Office OneNote, Google Drive, TurnItIn, Respondus LockDown Browser, Zoom, Macmillian iClicker, YouTube, MathType for CSM, MacMillian Learning, McGraw Hill Connect, Pearson, Pearson MyLab & Mastering, Cengage Learning, Follett Discover, Follete RedShelf, Perusall, Ally, McGraw Hill My Accounting Lab, WW Norton, WileyPLUS, and MATLAB for CENG. 

Note: to learn more about publishers

Under Review: Packback Questions and Go React


Enhancement Request Process

Step One:

Complete the Enhance Request form below.

Step Two: 

The requested application will be reviewed by the Canvas Support Team (Instructional Designers, Instructors, Application Administrators and Programmers) during the established quarterly planning cycles, and will be scheduled for implementation depending on the resources available.

Step Three:

If the Enhancement Request meets the above criteria, the Canvas Administrator (Tonia Malone) and the requester will complete the Accessibility and Security Acquisition forms. All requested applications must meet the ITS: Accessible and Security standards. This process can take three to four weeks. If the application does not meet these standards, it will not be added into Canvas. 


Questions the Canvas Support Team considers when evaluating an enhancement request:

Educational Value Considerations

  • Would the feature assist in improving student success?
  • Would the feature align with Cal Poly's Strategic Imperatives?
  • Would the feature improve Canvas' Accessibility?
  • Would the feature provide value to a large percent of the Cal Poly Canvas' community?
  • How desirable is the feature, for students, for faculty, for everyone (Must have, Should have, Could have, Would like to have)?
  • In what ways does this feature provide value or improve on the features that already exist?

Support Considerations

  • Will there be significant documentation and/or support staff training required to support this feature request?
  • Is there a significant risk that implementing this feature will create a large number of support requests, confused users, or complaints?
  • When problems arise with this feature, are there vender resources, or vender support to adequately troubleshoot and resolve the issue? Cal Poly Canvas team is not able to support every LTI/plugin request submitted/installed.

Technical Considerations

  • Would the plugin meet the technical requirements for implementation?
  • Are additional resources needed, if so what are they? (equipment and/or people)
  • Is it mature, prevalent, and under active development?
  • What types of vender costs or maintenance is associated with implementing this feature?
  • For example, are there license requirements or costs?
  • Will this feature prevent us from upgrading the system in an expedient manner?
  • Would this feature introduce incompatibilities with other system components?
  • What additional technical risk is involved with implementing this plugin?

Other Considerations

  • What are the up-front and on-going resource costs associated with implementing or not implementing this plugin?

Documented requests may be submitted to the Canvas Support Team via this online form. Please keep in mind that requests are reviewed and evaluated based on the policies and procedures listed above.


  • The Cal Poly Canvas team does not support all enhancements. Once installed, faculty and students will have to use the vender support resources for help.  
  • Not all enhancements can be integrated into Canvas. These are like a free puppy and cost time and money for staff to review, install, test (monthly), and provide instructions for using in Canvas.


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Based on the considerations outlined above...
Based on the considerations outlined above...
Based on the considerations outlined above...
Based on the considerations outlined above...
Based on the considerations outlined above...

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