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The Canvas Support Team is dedicated to maintaining an accessible, secure, and stable environment that reflects current updates, patches, and upgrades. 

All Canvas plugins (LTI's) must complete the Accessibility and Security review based on the CSU’s Assessable Technology Initiative (ATI). NOTE: The review is extensive and takes ITS a minimum of 4 weeks to complete once submitted. 

Please see the list of the current LTI's in Cal Poly Canvas. 

At this time, we will not be installing additional LTIs into Canvas unless it is a current or recently purchased campus-wide application that has already completed or will complete the ICT (Accessibility & Security) Review.

Each LTI requires; researching, testing, ICT review, installation, support pages, and user support.

Before submitting a request, note these accessibility requirements:

  • Are the videos captioned and audio transcribed accurately?
  • Can the content be accessed by a screen reader?
  • Are all activities navigable and usable by a student using only a keyboard?
  • Does the vendor have a VPAT document, a WCAG 2.1 AA compliance statement, a 3rd party accessibility review, security and privacy documentation, and a HECVAT document?
  • Does the content work on a mobile device?

Before submitting a request:

  • Will your college/department pay for this software?
  • Will this software be used by a whole college or multiple colleges?
  • Will the college or department sponsor this plugin for a large number of users (faculty/students)?
  • Is it really free? Are there student fees? 


If your college (Dean) wants to sponsor or purchase a plugin, please fill out the form below, so that we can start the ITC Review. This is not a guarantee that the software will be installed. All criteria must be met before installation can be considered. 

If this does not meet the requirements, not all external tools have to be installed into the Canvas system. Some will work within your course only and you can install them yourself. Students can also use outside software without installation into Canvas.  


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