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Welcome to Cal Poly and the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). As a new member of Cal Poly, you may need some help learning about Cal Poly Canvas. I hope that this page is helpful in getting you started and learning where your support people and web pages are located. It can be challenging to know where to go for what support needs. Although the Cal Poly Canvas Support Team does not manage all the tools on campus, hopefully, we will cover some of the tools and their support teams below. 

Cal Poly Canvas Support Site

This is our Cal Poly Canvas Support site, managed by Tonia Malone in the Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology (CTLT). This site is updated on a daily bases and addresses current issues, questions, and needs of Cal Poly Canvas users. Since not all features are enabled in the Cal Poly Canvas system, the Canvas Guides may not provide the precise steps and information you need. If the guides are helpful, we will point to them. Otherwise, our support pages will be better. 

You will notice that on the right of this site, there are many page links. Below are links to some of those pages that you may find helpful immediately. 

Support Teams at Cal Poly

There are many locations that you will need to contact for different support needs. I may not address all of them on this page, but here are the ones that I have received questions from faculty. 

Cal Poly Canvas Support Team

We are located in the Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology since Canvas is a tool used for Teaching and Learning. As Instructional Designers, we can address questions about using Canvas to support pedagogy effectively. Cal Poly Canvas Support Team uses email ( and Zoom consultations to support our users. There are up to 3 people who address these emails and provide consults M-F, 8 am - 5 pm PST. Most emails are answered quickly, but some requests (form requests) can take longer.  

Contact the Cal Poly Canvas Support Team for these support needs:

  • 3rd Party Integrations - we have tools integrated with Cal Poly Canvas, and each tool has steps to include in your course. The vendor will support some of these tools, and links/info will be at the bottom of their page.
  • Cal Poly Canvas - while in Cal Poly Canvas - the URL starts with Poly Canvas is supported by us, and we can help you with your questions.

Cal Poly ITS - Service Desk

The Service Desk (Request Support | Knowledge Base Site | 805-756-7000) supports many applications that you will use. The fun part is knowing when to ask the Service Desk and when to ask  Cal Poly Canvas Support.

Contact the Service Desk for these support needs:

  • Portal - The Cal Poly Portal is your single access to everything you need at Cal Poly. If you can not login to the Portal (username & password)
  • Forgot your password: supported by ITS
  • Email and Calendar: are office tools supported by ITS. 
  • OneDrive/SharePoint: Cal Poly is an Microsoft Office campus and uses OneDrive/SharePoint for file storage and sharing. If you can not login or have issues using this tool. [NOTE: if you are in Canvas using the integrated Office tools - see our support page, or contact]
  • Zoom: is a tool that allows Cal Poly users to hold webinars, office hours, or live lectures online. If you are unable to login to Zoom or have issues with this tool. [NOTE: if you are in Canvas using the integrated Zoom - see our support page or contact]
  • Stream/SharePoint Stream: These Microsoft tools allow you to store and stream video. There are permissions and setting within these tools that can allow or prevent users from viewing your videos. If you are unable to login to Stream or have issues with this tool. [NOTE: if you are in Canvas and need help embedding Stream videos - see our support page, or contact]


Your college/department provides specific tasks to support your needs as a faculty member. 

Contact your college/department for these support needs:

  • Hiring and user accounts at Cal Poly: Once the department has hired you, they send the request for your accounts to ITS. The Cal Poly account must be created for you to have access to any tools. 
  • Access to a Canvas Course you are Teaching: Your department scheduler controls this.
  • Waitlist codes: to add students to your course, enroll them into PeopleSoft so they are officially enrolled and get a grade. 

Cal Poly Registrar

At the end of the quarter, faculty submit grades to the Grade Roster in PeopleSoft.
NOTE: Make sure you complete these steps before uploading

Contact the Registrar for this support need:

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