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Flip in Canvas

Is a free video discussion tool that allows for threaded video discussions in your Canvas course.

  • Canvas Access Control - Only students in your Canvas course can access your connected Grids. 
    • Students can still join on mobile but must start within the Canvas app.
  • Speedgrader - Add a Flip Topic for your next Canvas Assignment. Student videos automatically show up in Speedgrader.
  • Anywhere, Anytime - As long as students click the green + within Canvas, they can record on any computer or on the free Flipgrid iOS + Android apps.
  • Using the Canvas Flip LTI (plugin)...
    Students can create video responses or text responses. 

What you CANNOT do with the integration:

  • Integrate or connect previously-created Flip content
  • Split members into smaller groups within the Course
  • Copy feedback provided on Flip to Canvas, or vice versa

NOTE: Flip plugin does not work in Safari or Firefox browsers. Try Chrome or Edge. 

Enabling Flip in my Canvas Course

NOTE: "The Canvas integration used to default to having Flip in the course sidebar. If students used this to submit videos, it wouldn't show up in Speedgrader. Therefore, we (Flip) have altered the integration to prevent Flip from the Navigation sidebar after completing the integration. This ensures that students are only seeing Flip when accessing Canvas assignments, ensuring the Responses will connect to SpeedGrader." 

Make sure you....

  1. Follow the instructions (How to integrate Flip tutorial) in this guide. You WILL need a new key and secret for EACH course section and quarter. 
  2. Log into Flip with your Microsoft Login from Cal Poly


NOTE: Students need to make sure they are accessing the assignment through the Assignments link, and not the Flip link in the course navigation so the instructor can see the Flip assignment in the SpeedGrader. 

Flip Support Resources

Flip is a video discussion tool that is supported by Flip. Please see the instructions and support below.

Current Issues refused to connect refused to connect
Update your Assignment settings to open Flip in a new tab:

  1. Open your Canvas Course and navigate to the Assignment
  2. Click Edit Assignment Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Submission Type and make sure "Load This Tool In A New Tab" is checked.

This should subsequently allow for the Flip Topic to load in a separate browser tab, avoiding this issue that you have been encountering.


If you see more than one Flip (grid) option while adding the App...
Flipgrid upload app - 3 options will need to uninstall the OLD options. This can be caused by coping Canvas courses (app included). 

After uninstalling the integration, points for previously graded submissions will still show in the Canvas Grades and other Canvas content will not be affected. Furthermore, the videos that had been submitted will still remain in the your Flip account.

Then you can install the App for this course. Make sure the URL for this install is ""


If your Flip activity ins't connected with the SpeedGrader anymore...

"LTI Launch Error
Couldn't find Lti::OauthClient

...try reinstalling the shared key & secret

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