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Changes often force us to adapt in ways we’ve never experienced, which can be a major driver of personal (and even professional) growth and development.


TurnItIn can help to improve student writing one draft at a time. Instructors can save time with easy-to-use feedback and grading features. Use it to cultivate literacy skills with tools that support best practice, standards-aligned writing instruction and set students up for success. It can be used to foster critical thinking skills and encourage creative, confident writers.

If the student has received a welcome email from Turnitin, it confirms you have added them to your class, allowing the student to begin submitting papers. If the student has not received a welcome email from Turnitin, please tell them to check their spam or junk folder.

Each Turnitin account must be assigned a unique email address in the Turnitin system. Users who have previously created a Turnitin account must log in with the email address and password originally provided. Please see student TurnItIn support for their tutorials.

NOTE: Do not store submitted papers has changed to "Submit papers to: no repository". 

Adding TurnItIn to an Assignment

  1. Click on the Assignments Course Navigation link.
  2. Click on the Assignment item or create an Assignment
  3. While in the edit mode, scroll down to the Submission Type and choose External Tool. Then click on the Find button.
    TII external tool
  4. Scroll down to the TurnItIn option (last one). Click on TurnItIn and the Select button. 
    TII Select
  5. You are now in TurnItIn. Use the menu to finish your Assignment settings. Then click on the Submit button.
    NOTE: Do not store submitted papers has changed to "Submit papers to: no repository".
    TII Menu

TurnItIn Support Site

TurnItIn is a 3rd Party Tool that is supported by TurnItIn. Cal Poly Canvas Support cannot access the TurnItIn system to troubleshoot or fix issues. Please see the instructions and support below.
Support Center
Training webinars
UAH Canvas TII Tutorials (Student Help)
Canvas TII Guides
Feedback Studio Training Video
Rubric Manager Training Video
Quickmark Manager Training Video
PeerMark Assignment guide
PeerMark Assignment video
TurnItIn Instructor Guides


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