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Changes often force us to adapt in ways we’ve never experienced, which can be a major driver of personal (and even professional) growth and development.

Miscellaneous Shell Request

If you would like a Canvas course shell created for a committee or departmental need, this is the form for you. 

Course shells for Miscellaneous, for example: Chemistry Lab Safely Training OR Architecture Academic Probation Support OR Business Committee Collaboration.

If you are looking for a Canvas course shell for non-Cal Poly Students, use the free space.

NOTE: Canvas will not email (Message) students unless they have Accepted (Pending) the course. In Canvas, it would be best to use other email to send a message to the students to Accept the course and then provide instruction on next steps for accessing Canvas.

If you are a instructor wanting an official Canvas course for students Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer...this is NOT the form for you. Shells within the Miscellaneous section should not hold student grades.

Instructors who would like to develop their course content should request a new TEST shell via the Additional Test Shell Request form.

Courses for students, which are graded, are automatically created for faculty via the data feed. Please see the Policies page for more information.

Your shell will be generated and emailed (via calpoly.canvas) to you within 48 hours (M-F 8am - 5pm - excluding holidays).

1 Start 2 Complete
EX: Chemistry Lab Training, Architecture Academic Probation Support, Biology Committee Space

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