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Import Grades to PeopleSoft - Grade Roster

Within the Faculty Center > Grade Roster...Faculty can import grades from Canvas. 

NOTE: By using this tool, you are taking reasonability for the transfer of the grades from Canvas to PeopleSoft. After verifying import results, proceed with normal grading processes. 

Warning: If you have cross-listed your Canvas courses, only the Primary (Parent) course grades will import into PeopleSoft. The other sections will have to be added manually

What does PeopleSoft get from Canvas?
The Final Grade column which is ONLY viewable via the Export Grades CSV file. You can export your grades to make sure the Current Points/Grade matches the Final Grade.

final grade

Steps to Finalize your Canvas Grades for PeopleSoft Import

You MUST have the correct settings before you import grades OR the wrong grades will be imported. 

If you don't make the setting changes, your Grades can be incorrect. For example this student is getting a B+ 278.75 pts...but PeopleSoft would get an F. 

wrong grades

Step One

Make sure your course has the Grade Scheme enabled, so the letter grade is transferred to PeopleSoft. 

Grade Scheme

Step Two

If you are NOT using activities in your Grades, then you need to Unpublish them on the Assignment Index menu. When you unpublish the activity it will no longer negatively change grades.

unplublishStep Three

Make sure all graded activities are Posted

posted grades

Step Four

Export your Grades to make sure the Final Grade is the Same as the Current Grade in the CSV file. 

Step Five

Import grades into the Grade Roster. Please see the PDF tutorials if you need help. If you have questions or need additional assistance with the Grade Roster, please contact the Office of the Registrar by telephone at (805) 756-2532 or via email at

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