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Changes often force us to adapt in ways we’ve never experienced, which can be a major driver of personal (and even professional) growth and development.

Using Microsoft Teams with Canvas

Cal Poly has Office 365 (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Stream, Teams) that you can use within and outside of Canvas. 

Microsoft Teams classes is a Canvas integration that helps educators and students easily navigate between Canvas and Teams. Users can access their class teams associated with their course directly from within Canvas. This tool will Sync the Canvas course enrollments to your Teams class and update the roster when the Canvas enrollments change. 

Make sure to Cross-list (merge sections) your courses and wait until all students are listed before proceeding. 

Discover tips to work smarter in Teams. 

This is a new integration from Microsoft and there is not much support details available. These below issues may or may NOT be a factor. Please share your finding with Canvas Support so we can update this page

Since Teams is working with the enrollments in Canvas, there are some important steps/requirements listed below.


  • Before students can access the class team, you must activate the team.
  • Students are enrolled into Canvas courses via PeopleSoft, but student still need to Accept courses in their Dashboard before they can be added to teams. You can see in the People list who is still "Pending" and needs to accept. 
  • The course must be Published for students to be able to Accept in their Dashboard. 
  • When enrollments changes are made in a course that has enabled Microsoft Sync, it may take 90 minutes or more for those changes to sync to Microsoft Teams.

1) Microsoft Teams - Enable Integration

From Settings

  1. Click on the Integration tab. 
  2. Toggle the Microsoft Sync to On (state). 
  3. Click on the arrow on the left of Microsoft Sync. 
  4. Click on the Sync Now button. 
    Note: at minium it will take 90 min for the sync to complete. Refresh the page to see progress messages. 
    Microsoft Teams Sync
    Once you have Sync the course enrollments, any additional students will automatically added. See the Last Sync: for more info. 


2) Microsoft Teams - Enable Navigation

You will need to enable the Microsoft Teams classes menu in your course.

From Settings

  1. Click on the Navigation tab.
  2. Click on Microsoft Teams classes and drag to the top list.
  3. Click on the Save button. 




If you are unable to access your Microsoft Office 365 system (How to Login to Teams), please contact the Service Desk at since Office is supported by their department.

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