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Changes often force us to adapt in ways we’ve never experienced, which can be a major driver of personal (and even professional) growth and development.

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Canvas LMS is managed by Instructure. Canvas is not something Cal Poly can edit or change. Instructure's process for changes is for you to request that Instructure add features to Canvas. From the HELP menu, click on Submit a Feature Idea

Submit a Feature Idea

You will login with your Cal Poly account.
Search to make sure that there isn't already a Feature Idea requested. If there is, you can vote/rate it. The more votes/ratings, the better chance it will be added. Please see the Canvas site for more help

Current Feature Ideas to Vote Up/Rate

After you submit your Feature Idea with Canvas, send the info to so I can add it to the list below to help share the link for others to vote up/rate. Rating is how you demonstrate just how important an idea conversation is to you.
To Rate (Vote) a conversation, click the number of stars, with 1 being low and 5 being the highest importance. Make sure that the number on the right updates with your added rating - refresh the webpage.
Rate or Vote for a Canva Feature

Name Link
Require VTT file when uploading video with the RCE Upload Media tool
New Quizzes: Survey Question Option on Graded Quiz
Make default value in Curve Grades the actual average
Print annotated comments from Speedgrader
Allowing Export Gradebook by Sections
Drawing New Quiz - question type
Preview File Upload Questions in Speedgrader
Hide Gradebook from Students
Weekly Percentage Deductions for Late Work
Fudge Points to all students at once
Multiple Numerical Answers Quiz Questions
Copy Quiz Details
Copy Questions in Same Quiz
Batch Group Management
Restrict File Types for Quiz File Uploads
Limit Number of Files Submitted for an Assignment
Fractional Grading Increments using the Grade Slider in Canvas Teacher App
Increase Character Count for Answer Comments in Quiz Questions
Customize Grading Scheme for Multiple Answer Quiz Questions
Ability to Open the Course for Specific Students after the Course has Concluded
Copying of Possible Answers for "Multiple Drop-Down" Quiz Questions
Integrate SpeedGrader into the Grading of “File Upload” Quiz Questions
LaTex Editor in the Response Fields for Quiz Questions
Allow Instructor Markup via DocViewer Even When Anonymous Peer Reviews Are Enabled
Late Policy Missing Assignment Default Value
Ability for Admin to set Discussion - "Create discussion topics" for student to no.
Equation Editor
Assigning Grades for Peer Reviews
Show & Hide Quiz Results by Date (New Quiz)
Download Discussion Posts
Timed Assignment
Export aggregate rubric scores to identify strengths and weaknesses of class as a whole
Download Assignment Comments and Completed Rubrics
Delete submissions by students
Block students from e-mailing each other through Canvas during school hours
Student messaging (inbox) - allow students to message teachers only
Student user files alert when space is full
New Quizzes: Download Quiz Statistics
Download All File Submissions for New Quizzes
download all assignment submissions for one student for one course
Regrade quiz when deleting questions
Require VTT file when uploading video with the RCE Upload Media tool


last updated 04/18/22

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