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Changes often force us to adapt in ways we’ve never experienced, which can be a major driver of personal (and even professional) growth and development.


Try First (Troubleshooting)...

  1. Make sure your browser is fully up to date
  2. Check your browser version and settings
  3. Clear your cache (here is how to do that on a PC and a Mac)
  4. Try in a private/incognito browser window
  5. Try a different supported browser (make sure the alternate browser is also fully updated, I recommend Chrome or Firefox)
  6. Try on a different device (if possible)
  7. Try on a different network (if possible)


How will I access Canvas?
Through the Cal Poly Portal ( Look for the Canvas link under the My Apps menu on the left.

How do I see emails from Canvas?
Canvas doesn’t have a direct email tool, however, the Canvas Inbox function serves a similar purpose.  In addition to messages being accessible from within Canvas Inbox, students are sent email, text, or app-based messages based on their personal Notifications settings. When students take action to modify their Notifications settings (Conversations), they will receive an email with the content of a Canvas Inbox message included. NOTE: A course must be published and the Start Date passed before students will receive any Canvas inbox message or Notification sent to them from that course.
Message settings

File is Unauthorized - unable to upload or open:
Files within the LMS can not have characters within the file name that confuse the LMS. For Example: "432: Class Notes.#2.docx". 
Characters like:

/ \
? %
* :
| "
< >
. ( )
# @
& +

Can't Attach file to Discussion - User Storage Full.
Each student only has 54MB of user storage. This is space you can store your files in Canvas under Account > Files. But, Cal Poly already has OneDrive and each student has 1TB of space. If your instructor asks you to attach a file in a Discussion...that uses the user storage in Canvas unless you link the file from OneDrive, Google, Box, or other cloud option. 
More media options

How will I access PolyLearn or Canvas courses?
Through the Cal Poly Portal ( For Winter 2020 - PolyLearn-Moodle will be just like it has been. Canvas will be a link in the Left My Apps menu on the left.   Please see: Where is my course for more information. 

Where will my school work go after we move from Moodle to Canvas?
We are currently working on a solution. Cal Poly will need to retain at least a year's worth of PolyLearn-Moodle student participation.

My instructor said the Canvas is available, but I can't see it.
Even if the instructor Published the course, it will not appear unless they change the course Start Date. Notify your instructor. 

I was moved from the waitlist into a course, but I don't see the Canvas course yet?
Canvas only gets enrollments once a day around 5am. So you may have to wait until tomorrow to see the course.

Error 500 - Internal Server Error
If you are receiving an “Error 500 – Internal Server Error” message while trying to log into Canvas, you will need to clear the cookies on your web browser to resolve this issue. Please follow the instructions below to clear the cookies for your desired browser.
Chrome | IE | Firefox | Safari

Please make sure that you are using the latest versions of the browsers below. Before you begin troubleshooting, please close all the windows of the particular browser. Once you have gone through all the steps, re-open your browser and log into Canvas.

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