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ScreenPal (SOM)

Using ScreenPal in Canvas   |   Connect: Download Zoom Recordings  |  Support

UPDATE: ScreenPal LTI 1.3 was added to Canvas Dec. 20, 2023. With this update, you will have access to all your SOM and ScreenPal videos.

ScreenPal is an easy-to-use video and screen recording web application for Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks that enables you to capture what is being displayed on your computer screen along with audio and optional webcam.

Faculty are legally required to make electronic course material accessible via captioning (Section 508).  or

NOTE: ScreenPal plugin does not work in Safari browser. Try Chrome or Firefox. 

Cal Poly’s license to ScreenPal comes with full editing functionality and automatic/editable captions. Faculty have limited allocations of storage (charged extra in license fees) for those files on the ScreenPal cloud. Cal Poly also has OneDrive or Stream on SharePoint. SOM videos can be downloaded and uploaded into Stream. To upload a video into Microsoft Stream, open OneDrive and drag/drop the .MP4 file. It will appear in Stream. 

How to embed OneDrive Video into Canvas
How to embed a Stream Video into Canvas

Embedding a ScreenPal Cloud Video

After you have already created the video (link above), you can embed it into your Canvas course.

  1. While creating content - in the Text on the ScreenPal button.
  2. ScreenPal Button
  3. Since you are already logged in (step 1), pick the video you want to add.
    NOTE: You should be able to log into ScreenPal in this pop-up window with your Cal Poly username & password. If not, go to and login there. 
    SOM pick

  4. Click on the Embed button.
  5. Save the Page.

NOTE: The ScreenPal LTI 1.3 link appears in the Plug list also.
Plug list

Go to the CTLT page to learn more about Screencast-O-Matic (ScreenPal).

Connect: Download Zoom Recordings

Starting July 22, 2021, Connect has been enabled to allow faculty to download Zoom recordings into ScreenPal to edit, caption, upload and share in the ScreenPal cloud.

Connect is used within the ScreenPal application - This is not a Canvas tool/integration.

To learn more about Connect:



Most of the support for SOM will be via ScreenPal. Please see the support links below. 

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