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Merging Sections

WARNING: If you want to create separate ZOOM meetings for your will NOT WORK with cross-listed courses. 
If you cross-list and have student work...then decided to de-cross-list, the "child" student work with be LOST

NOTE: Please read this before merging sections. This process is the opposite of PolyLearn - Moodle and will cause problems if you do not follow the instructions carefully. 
NOTE: When you cross-list your courses in Canvas, the child courses will no longer be available. They are absorbed into the parent course. 

  • You must have Teacher access to all the sections you want to cross-list
  • Once you cross-list, the child courses will no long appear in your Dashboard. You will use the Parent (Primary) course from now on.

The process of Merging Section (combining the enrollment from two or more courses) in Canvas is referred to as cross-listing. Before cross-listing, you need to determine which course will serve as the Parent (primary) course and which course(s) will be  the Child courses - cross-listed (moved to primary course).

Consider this scenario for the steps below: you are teaching ENGL-101-01 and ENGL-101-02 and would like to combine the enrollments into one course. You decide that ENGL-101-01 will serve as the primary (Parent) course.

  1. Navigate to the course you wish to cross-list (in our example, ENGL-101-02). Start in the Child course.
  2. Click on Settings in the course menu.
  3. Click on Sections tab.
  4. Click the title of the course under Course Sections (ENGL-101-02)
    Merging sections 1
  5. Click on the Cross-List this Section button in the Side Bar.
    cross list
  6. Choose the primary (parent) course to cross-list (merge) into and click on the Cross-List This Section button.
  7. At any time you can edit the section name. 
    section name


If you have mistakenly cross-listed any courses, please email to request to have the course section De-Cross-Listed. Please provide the full course ID's (ENGL-101-01-2202) so that we can help.

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