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Changes often force us to adapt in ways we’ve never experienced, which can be a major driver of personal (and even professional) growth and development.

PolyLearn Terms to Canvas Terms

After many years of using PolyLearn - Moodle, there are terms we think about or look up that may not match what Canvas uses. This page will hopefully help you find those PolyLearn tasks in Canvas.

PolyLearn Term

Canvas Term

Drop Lowest Create rules for an assignment Group
Merge sections Cross-List
Gradebook Setup Assignments course menu
Grade Weights Assignments course menu
Gradebook: Letters Grading Scheme
QuickMail Inbox - but please see Notification settings
Grading Guide Rubric: Free Form Comments
Group Self-Selection Student Groups
Scheduler Appointment Group
Workshop Peer Review Assignment
Grade SpeedGrader
Groupings Group Set
Course Copy Copy a Canvas Course
DRC Extended Time Moderate: Classic Quiz or New Quiz
Extra Credit Give Extra Credit in a Course

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Extended time on Quiz
Respondus LockDown Browser
Assign Assignment to Section
Peer Review Assignments

Content Development

How to Merge Sections (READ Before you try)
NOTE: Consider this scenario for the steps below: you are teaching ENGL-101-01 and  ENGL-101-02 and would like to combine the enrollments into one course. You decide that ENGL-101-01 will serve as the primary/main/parent course. Step One: Navigate to the course you wish to cross-list (in our example, ENGL-101-02)
*If you start in the wrong section - all enrollments (participation too) is lost. Perform the sections/merge BEFORE the courses are Published.

Set Front Page / Home Page


Connect my Google Drive, Twitter, or LinkedIn to Canvas


Student Access Report


Scheduler - student appointments

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