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Changes often force us to adapt in ways we’ve never experienced, which can be a major driver of personal (and even professional) growth and development.

Cal Poly Canvas Template

This basic course template and others are available within the Canvas Commons for you to Import. Templates like:

  • Cal Poly Canvas Template
  • Cal Poly Syllabus Template
  • Cal Poly Weekly Module Template
  • Cal Poly Student Support Services - page
  • Cal Poly Student Survey: Getting to Know You

video How to Customize the Syllabus Template for your Course

If you import the template into an existing course, the content will not replace your existing content, but will be added. We recommend using this template only in a blank course shell.

Cal Poly Template To Import the Template...

  1. Click on the Commons button in the Global Navigation bar (left side).
  2. Type "Cal Poly Canvas Template" in the Search box (top left). OR "Cal Poly" to see all the template options we offer.
  3. Click on the Cal Poly Canvas Template link within the Course Card. 
  4. Click on the Import/Download button on the right. 
  5. The Import/Download window will appear from the right. Choose the name of the course you want to import the Template. 
    NOTE: Do not choose ALL. This will import into all courses you are teaching. 
  6. Click on the Import into Course button. 
    Wait while the content is being imported. It can take a little while before you can start working on the course. 

WARNING: After you import a commons course, make sure to change your Visibility options is Course

Course > Settings - scroll down...

Canvas Course Visibility - Course

Canvas guide For more import from Commons information, please visit the Guides.

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