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Publisher Integrations

If you are using a publisher website for materials and assessments in your course, you may be able to ‘pair’ your Cal Poly Canvas course to the publisher course site so that students can connect to the publisher site from Cal Poly Canvas without having to create a separate login account.  Some publishers also allow for ‘deep integration’ (or ‘deep linking’) between your Canvas course and the publisher site, so that assignments and quizzes are individually accessible in your Canvas course and also integrated with your Canvas grade book.

NOTE: you can still use the publisher resources outside of Canvas until the 'deep integration' has been completed. 

All publisher integrations must adhere to the accessibility, security, and privacy standards in order to be included in the Cal Poly Canvas environment; they should also be mature and under active development. Ideally, campus implemented plugins would provide benefit and functionality to the majority of Cal Poly Canvas instructors and students. 

If the publisher integration has already completed the accessibility and security (ICT) review, then it has been integrated into Cal Poly Canvas.  

Available Publisher Integrations

MacMillan Learning

Instructor course setup

Mcgraw Hill Connect

Instructor: Enable |  Pair  | Depoly | CP Help
Support | Contact Bookstore
Follett Discover
Course Materials Manager  |
Pearson MyLab Mastering
Instuctor setup | Support
Install  |  Support
WW Norton
Instructor setup - contact Norton rep
RedShelf - Follett


If you do not see your publisher in the above list, please review the enhancement request site and the current status of submitted requests

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