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iClicker Integration

The iClicker tool is an innovative, self-paced polling systems for instructors and students to utilize within the classroom. When an instructor registers their class, the instructor will be able to access this tool like a scantron in which students are given a set of questions and are required to answer them through an iClicker with alphanumeric or numeric answers. Once sent in, the system records students' immediate responses to each question. This tool allows instructors to asses their students' understanding through quick responses.

Instructors will need to download the iClicker software to connect with Canvas. 

  • iClicker Cloud Setup (within the site)
  • Add iClicker Cloud to Canvas (using iClicker Sync App within
  • Add iClicker Classic to Canvas (using iClicker Reg App and
  • Add Roster and Upload Grades (using iClicker Reg App and
  • Download the LMS_Wizzard.xml file

    Place Configuration File in Resources Folder

    Place the configuration file generated from the LMS Admin Set-up Utility, LMS_Wizard.xml, in the Resources sub-folder of the iClicker Classic application folder. The same xml file works for all operating systems (Win/Mac/Linux).



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