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iClicker Integration

The iClicker tool is an innovative, self-paced polling system for instructors and students to utilize within the classroom. When an instructor registers their class, the instructor will be able to access this tool like a scantron in which students are given a set of questions and are required to answer them through an iClicker with alphanumeric or numeric answers. Once sent in, the system records students' immediate responses to each question. This tool allows instructors to assess their students' understanding through quick responses.

Note: Message from the vendor below.

Instructors will need to download the iClicker software to connect with Canvas. 


Message from Macmillan

Melissa wanted to send you some updates for the fall: 

  • No matter if you are using iClicker Classic or iClicker Cloud, both can be used for online learning. 
         - For iClicker Classic, instructors will just need to enable Reef and all students will need to use iClicker Reef to participate.
         - For iClicker Cloud, instructors will have all of their students use iClicker Reef to participate. Check out our quickstart guide to get started. 

  • The iClicker Cloud 5.1 desktop software update is available now. You should be prompted to update when you open the iClicker Cloud app, but you can also download it directly from the download page.
  • Our new iClicker Cloud feature, Assignments, is now available! This is the most flexible solution for in-person and remote classes, as well as synchronous and asynchronous classes. Feel free to check out our most recent webinar on this or visit this article on our support site for more details.  
  • The newest iClicker Cloud question type, Multiple Answer, is going live soon! This allows students to submit more than one answer and receive full or partial credit. This new feature will NOT require a software update if you are already using Cloud 5.1. 
  • Roster Grade Sync is now available for Canvas and Blackboard users (requires admin setup, please let me know if you are interested). 
  • Do not forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter to be up to date on the latest iClicker information. 

While Melissa is on leave, Cullen Willams will support faculties needs with iClicker. 

Melissa OBrien (MacMillian - iClicker Support) is here to support you during this busy time of year! Please don’t hesitate to contact her or review her training link for any new user or someone who may need an iClicker refresher.


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