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Student Privacy (FERPA) and Canvas

Students are able to choose to protect their Directory Information, which excludes them from the Cal Poly Online-Directory, ASI Student Directory, some email lists (club/alumni), and some Cal Poly mail.

But, Instructors are not required to accommodate student requests for anonymity in Canvas.

To view a list of students in a class with FERPA protected Directory Information, use the Printable Class List, available on the Portal - Registration & Enrollment / Printable Course Info Channel. Students who have protected their Directory Information will have a Yes under the FERPA column.

How Do Canvas Tools Display Student Names and Email?

  • Discussions: displays the first/last name.
  • Messages: displays the first/last name.
  • Groups: displays the first/last name.
  • Full Profile: displays first/last name.

Who Can Access a Canvas Course?

Canvas is a course system which allows instructors to provide course materials, assignments, collaboration tools and assessments for enrolled students. Only the instructor and those who are currently enrolled in the class will have access to the course and user information (name/email). Specific course and student information is not available to outside users.

What Are My Options for Supporting a Protected FERPA Student?

Instructors are not required to accommodate student requests for anonymity. The Canvas system will not allow instructors to hide the student's name and/or email address within the Discussion, Messages, or Groups.

Depending on the tool and activity, if desired by the instructor, he/she may provide options for the student; although offering an alternative to Canvas is not required. 

For more information about FERPA Policies, please visit

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