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Request Access to Old Course

You want to add someone to your OLD course...

Once the End date has passed, teachers can no longer edit courses's - including adding new people. 

If you would like to add a Cal Poly person to your course to allow someone to browse your course materials or allow them to copy your course into their own Canvas can request below:

NOTE: Here are all the other ways you can share your Canvas course (besides this form).

  • You can export your Canvas shell as an ePub and share the ePub file in your Working Personnel Action File (WPAF). 
  • Faculty can Direct Share content to Cal Poly Canvas Teachers.
  • You can export (imscc) the course and they can install it in their own Canvas. 
  • If it is only content, make the course “public” and then share the URL so the person can SEE the course. If you cannot, send an email to requesting your course changed to "public".
  • You can share it in the Commons, if they have access to their own Canvas.
  • If you need to share with someone, not at Cal Poly, there is a FREE Canvas site you can create an account and upload your course.  

Printing Course Materials

  1. From the Quiz, top right - click the Preview button
  2. Print the page
  3. Choose to Print to PDF
  4. Save

Once the form is submitted, it can take Cal Poly Canvas support up to 48 hrs (M-F).

1 Start 2 Complete
What is the Course ID(s) in Canvas (ex: ENGL-101-01-2208, ENGL-240-01-2208). | 2212=Winter 2021 | 2214=Spring 2021 | 2216=Sum 2021 | 2218=Fall 2021 [2/4/6/8]
Who do you want to share your course with? You can provide more than one email (ex:,
If you only want them to look at your course (Student View: no ability to copy, can't see tests, can't participate, will not see grades) NOTE: If you have "Restrict students from viewing course after term end date," a "student" cannot view the course.
I have "Restrict students from viewing course after term end date" set for my course. I would like this faculty/peer to have access to this old course to view only until which date?
If you want them be able to copy your intellectual property into their own course (Teacher Access: can copy, can see tests, can see grades, and students participation). Users will not be able to edit or delete anything in your course. If you do not want them to see student participation or grades - you can give them the EXPORT (.IMSCC) file to import into their course.

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