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Changes often force us to adapt in ways we’ve never experienced, which can be a major driver of personal (and even professional) growth and development.


TidyUP is a content cleanup tool for Canvas courses that provides a quick way to view all of the content in your course and clean out anything that is no longer needed. Identifying and deleting extra files, folders, pages, or assignments that are no longer used makes your course easier to manage and more usable for everyone!

Cidi Lab's - TidyUp has been added into Cal Poly Canvas to help faculty clean up OLD/Unused files from Canvas and also improves Accessibility Scores. This can be very helpful for faculty who have used PolyLearn - Moodle courses content in their current Canvas Courses. 

Getting to Green

Ally Accessibility Score

Remove all inaccessible unused files form your Canvas courses.


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The Ally - Accessibility Score can be negatively affected by unaccessible files that are not used in the course. By removing unaccessible unused files, you will improve your Accessibility Score right away.

Before removing 102 unused files within this course..
Ally Report befoer

After removing 102 unused files form this course...
Ally score after TidyUp
16% improvement and now this course is in the green.  

Enable TidyUp in your Course

Students will not see this menu/tool in your courses. This is only for the "Teacher". 

To turn on TidyUp:

  1. Click on the Settings menu
  2. Click on the Navigation tab
  3. Drag up TidyUp into the view list
  4. Click on the Save button
  5. From the course menu, click on TidyUp
  6. Click on the Scan Course button
    Note: Please view the information below about Downloading files to your computer, creating a Quiz with all Question Banks, and changing names of file before you move forward.
    To learn more about using TidyUp, see the support links at the bottom of the page. 

FIRST - make sure to Download Selected (all) files to your computer so you can always access them if needed after you delete them from your course. 

Quiz Images in Question Banks

Since you may have images (not used) that are in your Question Bank, but not in a current quiz...create a Quiz using ALL the Question Banks so those images are considered USED. Set the quiz as Unpublished so it will not count in the grades.

Other files - not published

You may have files in your course you only use if needed - like a support page for students falling behind. You can rename those files with "Study" or "Help" in the file name so you can easily see the files before you delete. 

Learn How to Use TidyUp - Video

TidyUp Support Resources

TidyUp is a clean up tool that is supported by Cidi Labs.

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