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Ally Spring 2021 Request

Cal Poly has subscribed to Ally, an application that integrates with Canvas. Ally automatically checks for accessibility issues in Canvas course pages, images, and files. It also generates alternative accessible versions in multiple formats. Ally can help create content with usability, accessibility, and quality to improve our students' success. 

Before introducing Ally to the full campus, we are welcoming faculty to participate in using Ally this Spring 2021 to help us prepare support resources and materials for when Ally is activated for all Canvas courses (Summer 2021).

Where can I learn more about Ally?
Please see our support page to learn more about what Ally does in Canvas, how it can help you create accessible courses, and what students will see:

How do I sign up?
If you would like to participate, please complete this online form below. We will notify you via email (M-F, 8-5), once Ally has been activated in your course. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us

What should I tell my students?
Please give your students the Student Ally page Although students do NOT see the Ally scores on their view, they will have access to Alt Formats. Let your students know that you will be working to improve your accessibility as time allows and that not ALL alternative formats will be useable if the original file is NOT already accessible. 


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Please provide your department abbreviation (e.g., BIO, HIST, EE)
Please provide your college abbreviation (e.g., CENG, OCOB, CAFES):
Please provide full course and section designation. Example: ENGL-101-01-2214, ENGL-134-06-2214

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